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Meet other inspiring entrepreneurs based on experiences, needs, and personality.

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Not your average networking app.

Mintor helps entrepreneurs meet the right people, at the right time, and build their network in an effective way. We believe that everyone has value to share and great connections are mutually beneficial.

Our mission is to provide the tool to make those connections possible.
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Improve how you connect by learning from your activity, connections, and network strength.

Best Fit

You provide your experiences, needs, and personality and our algorithm recommends the best possible connections.


In-app video chat and scheduling lets you meet hassle-free based on your availability.


Reviews after each meeting let you give and receive feedback to build a community of trust.

How it works

Make your profile
Build a profile that goes deeper
Complete a quick assessment of your background, experiences, and personality to help Mintor provide the best recommendations in the network. You can also connect your Google calendar to make booking time with others a breeze.
Get matched with other entrepreneurs
Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs
Mintor gets to know you just as a real mentor would in real life to understand your strengths, weaknesses, how you communicate, your ambitions, and who you are as an overall person to recommend and introduce you to colleagues that you are best matched within the network - regardless of zip code.
Meet and grow your network
Never go looking for a meeting link again
Instead of constant back-and-forth communications to set a time to meet, with a touch of a button you can meet other entrepreneurs around the country to share wisdom, war stories, and more on a short video call within our app.

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